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Elegant Parakeet

Neophema elegans
Conservation Status: 
Least Concern on the IUCN Red List.
Located in southern Australia.
Tends to live in woodland areas with temperatures between 12 to 25 degrees Celsius and high average humidity.

The elegant parakeet travels in groups of 20 to 100 birds, sometimes with other species of parakeets.  They spend most of the day foraging for food, which includes grass seeds and leafy plants.

Their breeding season is anywhere from July to November or after rainfall, with one or occasionally two broods raised depending on rainfall. A tree hollow higher than 15 m above the ground, usually a eucalyptus along a watercourse or stringybark forest, is utilized for nesting, and a clutch of four to six round white eggs is laid there.  Females do all the incubation, which lasts 18 days.  Chicks fledge after about 5 weeks.

They avoid predatory birds by flying high in the air when threatened.