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DIY Green-Winged Macaw

By: Babysits Canada

Bird Kingdom and Babysits have teamed up to make art out of recycled cardboard, an environmentally friendly craft for kids to do with their parents or babysitter. This is Ray, a Green-Winged Macaw living at the Bird Kingdom along with plenty of other cool species! Keep reading to learn how you can make your own cardboard version of Ray!

Cardboard is a fun and versatile material that we all tend to throw in the recycling bin! Why not use it to create something beautiful instead? All you need is a pencil, scissors, and some paint!

STEP 1: Cut the cardboard shapes!Start by sketching Ray’s body, head, and beak onto your cardboard. Then you will need to sketch her wings and tail separately (Tip: use thin cardboard or construction paper for these parts). When macaws aren’t soaring in the air, they are on their feet just like us! You will therefore need to create Ray’s thighs and feet so she can stand! Her feet have four claws each, two facing forwards and two facing backwards! Once you’ve sketched it out you can start cutting out the pieces!

STEP 2: Paint!Let’s talk color! Ray is a Green-Winged Macaw, which means her wings are red, green, and blue. The underneath of her wings are completely red, just like her body. Her beak is white on top and black on the bottom, and if you look close you can see tiny white feathers on her face. If you don’t want to make Ray, you can make one of her friends: a Blue and Gold Macaw, a Hyacinth Macaw, a Military Macaw, or a Scarlet Macaw! Pick your favorite, get the colors, and start painting!

STEP 3: Connect the pieces! Almost done! In order to connect all the pieces, you will need to cut some slits in the cardboard! First, cut four small slits in the thighs, where you will attach the claws. Second, cut a bigger slit in the thighs to attach it to the body. Third, cut a small slit on the tail so you can attach it to the Macaw’s bottom. Finally, make a longer cut near the neck so you can attach the wings!

And voilà, you have yourself a cardboard Macaw! We would love to see how yours turned out! Take a picture and tag us on Instagram @babysits and @bird_kingdom! Check out our other DIY’s for more great ideas for kids, and don’t forget to pay the real Ray a visit at Bird Kingdom!