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Ancient Javanese House

Within the jungle lies a rare Javanese House from the 1800s, the only one of it’s kind in all of North America. This architectural masterpiece is entirely hand carved solid teak and was incredibly constructed without nails. 

Javanese houses in the 19th century were for the wealthy and aristocratic class. The dalem, or front room, which would have originally been the central part of the original compound, was reserved for formal meetings with important visitors.

The spiritual heart of the home is the large upper room. The front door (as it did on the island of Java) faces south, the symbolic direction of the sea. The richness of the carvings and the shape of the main roof (called a joglo), indicates that this house was built for a very important person. Many visitors have discovered hidden writing and blessings among the carvings and we continue ourselves to research the history and meanings behind them.

Please Note: The Javanese House is not Wheelchair accessible at this time. For more details please call ahead at 905-356-8888 ext. 226.