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Bare Eyed Cockatoo

Cacatua sanguinea
Conservation Status: 
Least Concern
Australia and New Guinea

The Little Corella is a small white cockatoo growing to 35–41 cm (14–16 in) in length and weighs 370–630 g (13–22 oz), with a mean weight of 525 g (1.16 lb). It is similar in appearance to both the Long-billed Corella and the Western Corella, but the Little Corella is smaller, and unlike either of those species, it has upper and lower mandibles are of similar length. It is easily distinguished from the Long-billed Corella by the lack of an orange throat bar. C. s. normantoni and C. s. normantoni are a little smaller than the nominate form. C. s. normantoni is lightly brownish on the underside of flight and tail feathers. C. s. gymnopis has darker blue eye-rings, more strongly marked pink lores and a yellow wash to the lower-ear coverts. Females are slightly smaller than males in weight, wing length, culmen size, tarsus length, tail length and eye ring diameter.

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