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Groups & Special Services


Available for 10 people or more with a reservation.
Please contact us to receive a custom group quote!


Self-Guided Tour

Walk through the Bird Kingdom facility at your own pace and take advantage of the many wonderful photo opportunities throughout!

*Educational Program add-on available with Self-Guided Tours.

Guided Tour

Go deeper into the Bird Kingdom with an informative guided tour led by our friendly and knowledgeable interpreters.

*Approximately 45 minutes in length. Maximum 25 people per tour. Groups of up to 50 people can be split into two groups for touring purposes.


Enhance your Self-Guided Tour by feeding the Rainbow Lorikeets nectar from a cup or with unique and interactive educational programs. Through our curriculum-based programming, students develop a greater sense of appreciation for the natural environment and learn ways to help conserve our world.

Educational Program #1:
Young Ages Creature Feature (pre-K)
30 Minutes

An energetic, interactive experience for children ages 0-4. This is a brief meet and greet with one or two animals that live at Bird Kingdom and some people who take care of them. We keep things moving as kids play and learn about parrots!

Educational Program #2:
Creature Feature (Kindergarten to Grade 3)
45 Minutes

A multimedia presentation tailored to younger children (ages 4-9) where they meet a number of animals from all over the world that live here at Bird Kingdom. The presentation discusses similarities and differences between animal species such as reptiles, mammals and birds, as well as the basic needs animals require to survive in the wild.

Educational Program #3:
Biodiversity (Grade 4 to High School)
45 Minutes

A multimedia presentation best suited for ages 10 and up that discusses the biodiversity between different animal species found all over the world. This program also discusses the threats to select animal populations and ways we can protect their environment.


  • Group rates: Available for 10 people or more with a reservation
  • Confirmation of Numbers: Final numbers required 48 hours in advance
  • Late Arrivals: Please inform us as soon as possible. After 30 minute grace period, guided tours/scheduled programming may no longer be available. Program rates will still apply.
  • Cancellations: Groups are welcome to cancel their reservation up to 48 hours in advance without penalty. For cancellations after this window, a fee will apply for guided tours and/or educational programs (50% of booking total). Exceptions made for inclement weather and any unforeseeable circumstances.
  • Nuts: Nut/peanut allergy concerns? Please contact us for more information about your upcoming visit.
  • Other: No food or drinks permitted inside attraction. Chaperones are responsible for the behaviour of students during their time at Bird Kingdom. Activities subject to change due to COVID-19 restrictions. Bird Kingdom reserves the right to modify or make changes to programming, hours of operation and policies.

For more information or to reserve, please contact:

Steve Bush | Experience Planner
T) 905-356-8888 x 232