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Guyana Toucanet

Selenidera piperivora
Conservation Status: 
Least Concern
Northern South America

Description: Guyana toucanets belong to the toucan family; both genders have yellow ear patches, and large, red and black-colored beaks that are about 3 inches in length.

Diet: Guyana toucanets are frugivorous so their diet is primarily composed of fruit. They will occasionally consume a variety of insects for protein.

Additional Information: Guyana Toucanets are a dimorphic species as the males have a black head and breast, and the females have a gray breast, black crown, and chestnut nape.  Courtship consists of tossing fruit to one another and nesting will occur high up in hollowed trees. The bill is not effective for extensive excavation work and so they must rely on holes already formed. 

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